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The Rose of Bulgaria

Welcome to the Valley of the Roses!

The Bulgarian rose fields are world famous for their fabulous and unique scent. The oilseed rose and the rose oil have long been symbols of Bulgaria. Because of the Rose of Bulgaria, the country is simply known as ‘the Rose Garden’ or as ‘the Land of the Roses’.

The Rose is the Queen of all flowers. For centuries it has been a source of beauty and inspiration for poets, musicians and artists. The ancient Greek believed that the Rose shrub grew from the sea foam in which the Goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, was born. Homer and Herodotus translated the myth into ancient script.

There are more than 7,000 known types of Roses but the most famous of them all is the Rose Damascene.

No one knows how the Rose travelled to Bulgaria. In the beginning, this exotic flower grew only in the forbidden gardens of the Turkish bays and pashas. In time, the Bulgarians cultivated it for decoration. Then the Rose began growing in the sprawling sun-kissed valleys of Bulgaria. The legend of the world famous Bulgarian rose oil was born….

Today, the Rose is widely used in aromatherapy, beauty and cosmetics, medicine, perfumery, even in the production of the Rose Liqueur of Bulgaria.

Travel through to experience the magical qualities of this unique flower and indulge in the beauty of the Gods!